Monday 10 June 2013

My Story for Intrepid Explorers and Mayday Trust

ME !!!

“Mayday Trust changed my life ... for the better.”


My name is Fiona and I am 21. I have been living at the Northampton scheme run by Mayday Trust since 4th February 2013. When I arrived at Mayday I was very concerned about having to build a relationship with someone new and was very reluctant to communicate with the staff but after meeting my then Key worker I was challenged with the patience of a saint. After a while the barriers I had set up slowly disappeared and I was able to communicate what help I needed and what ambitions I had in life. Well, that’s where the fun started and my life changed completely. I was signposted by my Key worker for courses to do with media and music and I applied for them. After a while I changed my mind and decided that this was not what I wanted to do, and then an opportunity arose to go on a 2 day residential with Foyer Federation to learn some journalism skills and take part in exciting events as an Intrepid Explorer. I had always had an interest in media and thought that this would be a great chance to see how I would like it before committing to a course. My Key worker reassured me and encouraged me to take part in this opportunity and so I followed my dreams.

I found the course very interesting and I knew that this was something I wanted to continue doing. Mayday Trust has given me many opportunities on top of being an Intrepid Explorer and I am now a Mayday Reporter as well. I have been very busy with my work and I am very ambitious for where this may take me in the future.

I am very excited about becoming an Intrepid Explorer as our aim is to discover what impacts and achievements are important to young people using advantaged thinking. This is something that I have undeniable enthusiasm about and I am confident that with the work I am producing young people will be able to be recognised in a more positive way and I hope to gain a career in journalism.

Another major interest in my life is music and I am a keen singer. I have always wanted to apply for the X Factor but never had the confidence to follow this desire. My Key worker encouraged me to apply and I was soon invited for an audition. This made me scared and very nervous but she helped me to overcome these by supporting me in arranging travel and printing off maps for me to follow.

I auditioned for X Factor 10 in April this year and was successful in my first two auditions and I am now awaiting a response from my third. I never thought I would be able to pluck up the courage to even submit an application form let alone actually attend the audition in Birmingham and be successful.

When I arrived at Mayday Trust I was shy and I isolated myself a lot. Now I am a changed person, confident and strong once again. Mayday Trust has worked with me to achieve my goals and set new goals for the future. The support I have had from the staff at Mayday Trust has been outstanding, they have helped me to realise that my dreams and aspirations are not only dreams, they can be reality and my audition for X Factor 10 is proof of this. It is thanks to Mayday Trust that I had the confidence and strength to go and follow my dreams. I have now been living in Mayday Trust for 4 months and I can see a bright future for myself. 

Who would have thought my life could change so quickly. I am now up and about everyday and have confidence in the work I am doing. I am enthusiastic and content when I’m working and I can’t wait to see where this may take me in the future!

Thank you for giving me my life back and encouraging me to be me and to follow those dreams!


Written by Fiona McCance – Mayday Reporter & Intrepid Explorer – 20th May 2013

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